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On the Spanish sea line

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Crewed Sailboat Charter in Spain

Why Charter a Crewed Sailboat

If you just want to relax and do nothing on board your sailing vacation rent a crewed sailboat. It will provide you maximum comfort and relaxation for a care free holiday that you want and deserve. By choosing a crewed sailing yacht you get the full crew of expert sailors and crew members who will navigate, sail and prepare the food and beverages for you. Meals they prepare will give you taste of the local cuisine. You are also free to decide on the itinerary and the crew will take you wherever you want. Even if you have experience in sailing you can still learn a lot while cruising with a professional crew, they know the area and most likely you will hear great cruising stories. Crewed sailing: sit back and enjoy the ride.

Skippered vs Crewed

Skippered yacht charter is a halfway, between bareboats and crewed yachts. With skippered yacht charter you rent both the boat and a skipper. If you do not have skipper license, you will choose a skippered yacht charter. Your charter company will provide you with a skipper who will steer the boat, decide on the route (in accordance with you), and keep you safe. On the other hand If you want the maximum comfort and relaxation, you can choose a crewed yacht charter, with a captain, chef, stewards and deckhands, who provide you with beverages and meals, but also take care of your safety and comfort. Note that crewed charter yachts tend to be more luxurious and have additional equipment like waterskis or A/C.