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Tips for Chartering a Motor Yacht in Spain

Motor yachts - benefits

Motor Yacht or Sailing Yacht?

First of all, motor yachts are faster than sailing boats and offer luxury and comfort with more space below decks. Motor yachts are more powerful, usually equipped with water sports and entertainment amenities as well as the latest navigation and communication systems. They have more spacious cabins and decks which makes them a great yacht charter option. Another thing why they are popular is that motor yachts do not heel over while underway and are easier and simpler to operate and require less experience. Their shallow draft allows them to approach some areas sailing yachts cannot reach, and their high speed makes it possible to see and do more in a short period of time. Whatever the benefits, the choice is yours to make.


Motor boat yachting

Typical Day on a Motor Yacht in Spain

You usually start your day with a coffee, and wait until the crew prepares Mediterranean breakfast for you and your company, after which you can rest in shade or go swimming, snorkeling or even fishing. The third option is to turn on the engines and set off for another island or some lovely coastal town in Spain. The best place to have lunch is most certainly the deck of your motor yacht anchored in some nice marina or a quiet cove. After lunch, you can sunbathe, relax in the shade, swim, enjoy a nice cool cocktail, etc. When the evening comes, you can anchor your charter motor yacht in a marina and disembark to explore some Spanish town or enjoy nightlife. You can also do some shopping or try local specialties in some local  restaurant.

Charter Motor Yachts for a Diverse Vacation

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