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Charter a Sailing Catamaran in Spain

Catamaran Charter Spain

How to choose a right sailing catamaran?

When choosing a right charter catamaran, you should first think of the number of persons sailing with you. Another thing you should have in mind is the sailing performance of the catamarans - they do not rock about in the water, and there is no fear of getting seasick.

Your budget is another thing to consider when choosing a suitable catamaran. The price of chartering a catamaran will depend upon which extra amenities and activities you wish for since they add to your overall costs. Do not forget the provisioning. You should also include food in your sailing cost. If you charter a crewed catamaran, do not forget that you need to pay for each member of the crew and you should provide for their meals.

Crewed or bareboat catamaran for charter

Chartering a Skippered or Bareboat Catamaran?

You are allowed to choose a bareboat charter if you are a licensed skipper and prove this with all the necessary certificates, permits and documents. You and your guests will be required to provide a security deposit before you charter a boat. If you do not have such documents, you will choose a skippered yacht charter. Your charter company will provide you with a skipper who will steer the boat, decide on the route, and keep you safe. If you want maximum comfort and relaxation, opt for the crewed charter. Your crew will navigate, sail and prepare the beverages and meals. You are free to decide on the itinerary whereas the crew takes you wherever you want and provides you with three meals a day.

Catamaran charter for a safe vacation

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